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We are very busy due to high demand and we sometimes need to have you leave a message . We will call you back as soon as possible. If you have an emergency please call your local emergency center. 

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Call us first . From routine spay and neuter to more complex cases we will provide excellent care at  prices that are fair. Our prices include IV catheters, lab testing, pain control and whatever other routine services are needed.

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feral  Spay and Neuter

Males  $85 Female $85+ Vaccines 

Vaccines available . Ferals will be ear tipped. Call to schedule.

Spay and Neuter for Dogs

Starting at $120 and up depending on age and weight

There are additional fees for dogs who are older , in heat or have pre existing conditions such as infections which require special care .

Tumors Growth Bumps

We can remove growths

When your pet has a lump or bump and needs it removed we can help. Each case is different and pricing will depend on location, age, condition and more. Call us for an appointment,

Major Surgery

Bones, Bladders, Spleens and More

Orthopedic problems , bladder stones, tumors on the spleen or foreign bodies (my pet ate something they shouldn't have) we can help. Call us for information!



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The Best Care Possible

At Long Island Animal Surgery at Glen Cove, our team of dedicated experts offer a range of services to give your pet the best possible care available. Routine procedures or emergency surgery we are ready to help. Spays and Neuters, Simple teeth cleaning, extractions or major surgeries like splenectomies and bladder stone removal. All of our patients receive IV catheters, pain  control, monitored anesthesia and recovery.

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Safety First

Lab Testing and Patient Monitoring

At Long Island Animal Surgery at Glen Cove, we have in house laboratory capabilities so we can help to ensure your pets safety during anesthesia. We also have monitoring equipment to ensure that your pets vital signs are carefully observed during any surgery.

Lumps and Bumps

We can remove and examine tumors

Some growths are minor and not dangerous others maybe disfiguring or even dangerous. We have Cryosurgery for small warts and minor growths which uses liquid nitrogen to freeze and destroy many kinds of growths without general anesthesia . Some growths (tumors) may require general anesthesia and more complex procedures.

Pet Dental Care Services

Preventative Care

As caring owners, you want the very best for your pet. That’s why we encourage you to schedule regular Pet Dental Care Services. By seeking to prevent problems before they arise, you’re helping to  ensure your pets extended health and happiness. Dental Care services start at $425 for a cleaning and polishing. That price includes an IV catheter, anesthesia and lab testing to ensure your pets safety. There are additional charges for extractions raging from $10 - $75.

At the Vet

Surgery for your pets at prices you can afford

Monday and Wednesday starting at 8 am

Emergencies Call  516 353 0540 Anytime
Please Call ahead to schedule surgeries


Long Island Animal Surgery at  Glen Cove

Major Surgeries, Spays and Neuters,Lumps and Bumps,Affordable

Surgery is what we do and we provide excellent care at prices which are affordable

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Major Surgeries,Spay and Neuter,lumps and bumps, accidents and injuries, affordable ,experienced, compassionate . In House lab for same day results.

At Long Island Animal Surgery Glen Cove, surgery is what we do and we offer a broad range of surgical procedures at affordable prices. When your pet needs surgery call us first!

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About Us

Surgical Care for Your pets

Focusing on surgery allows us to ensure quality care and keep our prices affordable. That was the goal of our founder and continues today. Excellent care -Prices that are fair.