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Anesthesia and Monitoring

Safety is our first priority

We use state of the art anesthetics and monitoring to ensure the safest and most comfortable experience for your pets surgical procedure .

Services: Services


IV catheters , careful dosing, advanced monitoring,

We use state of the art medications and anesthetic agents . We monitor patients pulse, respiration, and End tidal CO2 which is a sensitive indicator of your pets respiratory function. All work together to ensure the safest possible experience.

Is anesthesia dangerous?

Complications are VERY RARE.

At Long Island Animal Surgery at Glen Cove, we are fully committed to your pet’s safety during surgery. Our advanced monitoring ensures the safest possible procedures and permits us to be aware and to react quickly of any problems which might develop during surgery.
Our new ETCo2 Monitoring helps to give us early warning of potential problems which might occur during anesthetic procedures.

I'm afraid to put my pet under anesthesia .

I'm still nervous

We will discuss the risks and benefits with you and help you to make an informed decision about what is best for your pets health and well being.

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